About us

The International company SIA "VOLVIT" working with different countries of the world, and having proved itself as a stable and reliable supplier of wood products - pallets, pallet collars, dry boards, dry planed products, various types of fuel (pellets, briquettes, firewood), boards for making furniture, and other products, offers you cooperation. We work with different volumes of production, as well as work according to the client's specifications. We maintain the exact terms of execution of orders, thus qualitatively meet customer needs. Latvia is a member of the European Union, therefore, in contrast, for example, with Russia, the absence of customs barriers simplifies the procedure of the delivery of our products. In accordance with the rapidly changing situation in the market of wood products, our company continually develops and offers to our customers more and more new types of goods. Our products are manufactured by using the most modern equipment of the leading companies in Europe. We pack our products in accordance with EU requirements or in accordance with customer requirements. For example, the board with the moisture of KD 18% or lower is closed on five sides with a plastic film.

Сеrtificate IPPC

International Plant Protection Convention (International Plant Protection Convention, IPPC) requires that timber and wooden packing, passing through the border, would be treated according ISPM15 standard requirements. This standard names globally adopted measures for quarantine pest control, preventing them from entering and spreading into the wooden packing material, made from raw softwood and hardwood, which is used in international trade.