Firewood is one of essential elements for many homes in the winter. On average 3 cords of aspen firewood is going to make for a long winter for one house.

Storing firewood is an important part of the process. Without proper storage, quality seasoned firewood can rot and become wet.

You wouldn’t buy milk and then let it sit on your counter for a week before drinking it. Would you?

Well then, don’t do the same thing with your firewood! It’s amazing how many people spend good money on firewood and leave it to rot in a pile in their backyard.

Firewood should be stored inside, where there is not lot of moisture. Moisture is key element, which damage firewood.

Winter is in it’s peak and firewood is selling like crazy. Volvit provides kiln dried firewood of alder, birch, aspen and oak with 20% moisture content.

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