Sawdust firewood is an easy choice over traditional firewood and here’s why:

  • Fire Logs Delivers 2x the BTU output creating high heat and consistent burn faster
  • Lasts 2x longer than traditional firewood due to its low moisture content
  • Burns cleaner making sawdust firewood carbon neutral
  • Takes up less space for stacking
  • No need for seasoning
  • Worry free ability to transport your sawdust firewood
  • Less ash content
  • No risk of infestation and less mess
  • Requires less chimney cleaning
  • Less than 1% ash, residual is 100% pot ash which is an effective fertilizer for your garden

Volvit provides sawdust pallets of pine and spruce, 6 mm and 8 mm in size. Premium pallets fully comply with the requirements of German DINplus and European ENplus-A1 standards.

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